Life insurance

Any type of financial product such as Life insurance, IRA’s, 401(k)’s, etc there is a section of that application asking to name a Primary Beneficiary and in most cases a Contingent Beneficiary as well.  This ensures that the company knows who to contact to deliver the proceeds when the insured passes away. In the case.. More

Today there are more than 100 million Americans that are living with some form of Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes. Personally, we all know someone living who is affected with the disease and sometimes this could be a struggle for some. The good news is that there are Americans who have control over managing their diabetes by.. More

Fact or Fiction   Full disclaimer here… I am not a Financial Planner, Advisor or CPA please seek out the appropriate professionals as it relates to your individual situation.  There has been some talk over the years and as of this day as it relates to Life Insurance, that there is still question and uncertainty of.. More

3 Reasons for a No Exam Life Policy

Written by Protect And Insure My Life

What is a NO-Exam Life insurance policy?  It suggest exactly that…No Exam!!! When applying for a such a policy Sometimes called Simplified Issue, you can skip the necessary para-med exam that normally comes along with obtaining coverage.  There are certain criteria you have to meet to even get approved. Insurance carriers have found a way.. More

Have you been denied Life Insurance coverage because of a Felony?   Life happens to all of us whether it’s good, bad and/or indifferent.  Let’s keep it REAL shall we?  It sometimes comes down to the decisions and actions that we make hence these are the consequences that determine what the outcome will be.   I.. More

  The Living Benefits riders are paid out early to policy holders who have a terminal, chronic or critical illness. (See our blog on Term Life Insurance and Living Benefits). This allows financial comfort to the policy holder and family. It helps them to focus on the emotional and physical aspects of the situation, rather.. More

What are Living Benefits? There’s more to life insurance than purchasing it to ensure financial comfort for your loved ones after you pass. After all, you may find that toward the end of your life, you may have a need for that money. What do you do then? What about Living Benefits on a term.. More

Finding an insurance carrier that’s the perfect fit is a lot like dating. There are many good people out there, but not all are for you. Same with Insurance companies. Each carrier has a personality of its own and specializes in areas where you may or may not be interested. Looking at their websites, some.. More

Before you ask that question you need to understand underwriting. Underwriting is the process of examination of all the information you provide (i.e., applications, health information, possible financial info, occupation, driving record, hobbies) to obtain health insurance. They look at all the information to see if you have any clear, and not so clear risks… More