Funeral Pre-Planning:

What goes through your mind while attending a funeral of a loved one?  Subconsciously, we are thinking, I could or inevitably be in this same situation and wonder if my Last Will & Testament and other advance care directives are in place.   Here are just a few of the following thought provoking questions that you could be asking yourself:  Is my financial house in order? Will my family have the assurance knowing that I’ve taken care of everything and that it will be ok?  What will be my family’s standard of living when I’m no longer here?  How do I want to be remembered and who and what are important to me?  I wonder how many people will be in attendance and what will or won’t say at my funeral?  Do I want to have an extravagant ceremony or something small?  What type of coffin? How should I be dressed?  Should I be embalmed or not?  Do I even want to be eulogized? Do I want speeches, reflections and or singing at my funeral?  Do I want people to cry and show emotions and feelings or do I want people to celebrate and have a festive time because that is who I was and what I would want?  Do I even want to have a funeral or just be cremated and just make sure my ashes are disposed of according to my wishes?  These are just a few of the questions we sometime encounter when we pay our respects to people we know, love and care about.  No matter what you are thinking Life happens and it’s time to put things into perspective.  Maybe it’s time to have that conversation and be sure to get insured so that your loved ones may not have to try and answer these questions for you.

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